Simone Borri

CNR Position: Researcher


tel. +39 080 5442397

Research Activities:

  • Mid and far infrared laser molecular spectroscopy

  • Fundamental physics of quantum cascade lasers: frequency noise and linewidth

  • THz QCL-based sensing and imaging

Short Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Simone Borri received his Degree (cum laude) and PhD in Physics from the University of Firenze in 2002 and 2007, respectively. He had Research Fellowships at European Laboratory for Nonlinear Spectroscopy (LENS) in Firenze (march 2007 - february 2008) and at CNR-INO, in Firenze (march 2008 - july 2010). In august 2010

he joined CNR-INO as fixed-term Researcher. Since november 2012 he has a Researcher position at CNR-IFN.

His main research activities include:

  • High-sensitivity and high-precision molecular-spectroscopy techniques in the near and mid infrared spectral range: cavity ring-down spectroscopy, polarization and saturation sub-Doppler spectroscopy, frequency-modulation spectroscopy, quartz-ehnanced photo-acoustic spectroscopy;

  • Analysis of the spectral purity of mid-infrared quantum-cascade lasers and study of the fundamental mechanisms responsible of the broadening of their emission;

  • Frequency stabilization of laser sources by means of frequency locking to molecular transitions, to resonant cavities and to optical absolute frequency references (optical combs);

  • Development of mid- and far-infrared coherence sources by means of nonlinear frequency mixing techniques (difference and sum frequency generation in non-linear crystals and in metal-insulator-metal diodes);

  • Frequency metrology with Optical Frequency Comb Synthesyzers;

  • Imaging and molecular sensing techniques using THz quantum cascade lasers.