Francesca Di Niso

Position: Post-doctoral Research Associate, University of Bari


tel: +39 080 5442397

Research Activities:

Short Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Francesca Di Niso received her Degree in Electronic Engineering in 2006 and master's degree in ‘Technological Innovation in Mechatronics’ in 2008 from the Politecnico of Bari. From 2008 to 2010 she worked at Itel Telecomunicazioni on a project for the monitoring and control of the radioactivity for the production of radiopharmaceuticals. From 2010 she was PhD student in Physics at the Physics Department, University of Bari. Her research activities are mainly focused on the study of laser ablation with ultrafast fiber lasers and development of real-time process sensors in the field of ultra-short pulse micromachining for industrial and medical applications. The results of her work are published in 2 journal articles and 4 conference proceedings


  • “Laser-Generated Copper Nanoparticles For Antimicrobial Composite Food Packaging”, D. Longano, N. Ditaranto, N. Cioffi, F. Di Niso, T. Sibillano, A. Ancona, A. Conte, M.A. Del Nobile, L. Sabbatini, L. Torsi, ABC Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry, 20 January 2012 / Vol. 403 No. 4, 1179-86

  • "Real time ablation rate measurement during high aspect-ratio hole drilling with a 120-ps fiber laser”, F. P. Mezzapesa, T. Sibillano, F. Di Niso, A. Ancona, P. M. Lugarà, Optics Express, 2 January 2012 / Vol. 20, No. 1 (663 – 671)

  • "Direct investigation of the ablation rate evolution during laser drilling of high aspect ratio micro-holes" F. P. Mezzapesa, T. Sibillano, F. Di Niso, A. Ancona, P. M. Lugarà. G.Scamarcio, Proc. of "Laser Applications in Microelectronic and Optoelectronic Manufacturing (LAMOM) XVII", SPIE LASER 21-26 January 2012 San Francisco, California, United States.

  • “One- vs two-step preparation of antimicrobial coatings composed of laser ablated copper nanoparticles and polylactic acid” D.Longano, N.Ditaranto, N.Cioffi, F.Di Niso, T.Sibillano, F.Mezzapesa, A.Ancona, A.Conte, M. Del Nobile, L.Sabbatini, L.Torsi, Proc. of the 2012 MRS Spring Meeting, Vol 1453

  • “Direct In-Situ Measurement of the Ablation Rate in Short Pulse Laser Percussion Drilling of Metal Targets, Francesco P. Mezzapesa, Antonio Ancona, Teresa Sibillano, Francesca Di Niso, Francesco De Lucia, Maurizio Dabbicco, Pietro M. Lugarà, and Gaetano Scamarcio, Proc. of ICALEO 2011, 30th congress on applications of lasers and electro-optics, October 2011

  • “Analytical characterization of novel copper nanoantimicrobials”, D. Longano, N. Ditaranto, N. Cioffi, F Di Niso, T Sibillano, A Ancona, A Conte, M A Del Nobile, L Sabbatini, L Torsi. Proceeding of the EUROanalysis 2011 – 16European Conference on Analytical Chemistry Challenges in Modern Analytical Chemistry, Belgrade, Serbia 11-15 September 2011.