Angela Loiudice

CNR Position: Administrative Secretary


tel: +39 080 5443235

fax: +39 080 5442219


    • Research Management

    • Book-keeping and administrative management of Bari's IFN section

    • Purchase contracts for works, services and supplies

    • Financial reporting of the research projects

    • Personnel management

    • Annual Budgetary Plan of Bari IFN section

    • Organizing secretariat

Short Curriculum Vitae

From february 1996 to June 1997 she worked for the “Organising Commitee of XIII Mediterranean Games”. In the Communication Area of the Committee and she carried on public relations and editing secretary of “Mediterranean News”, the official magazine of the XIII Mediterranean Games. Since September 1997 untill now, she had been working in administration staff of the National Institute for The Physics of Matter, that in 1993 was merged into CNR. She is the responsible for financial and administrative management of research founds. She deals with purchase contracts, payments, and financial statement of research projects. Furthermore she draws up the Annual Budgetary Plan of Bari IFN section and takes care of the personnel management. For four years Since 2004 to 2008 she has been engaged also in Material Science Bachelor Course as educational manager.


Degree in Economy and Commerce (cum laude) at University of Bari, in 1993

Master in Enterprise Management at SPEGEA (Specialized School for Enterprise Administration), Bari 1996

Professional Qualification as Business Expert (Bari, 1998)

Master in Research Management (CNR), 2002