About us

Our Mission

The Bari's branch of IFN arises from the Regional Laboratory "Laser Innovation Technology Transfer and Training (LIT3), created by the National Institute for the Physics of the Matter (INFM) in 2004. Today the laboratory staff is composed by IFN, University of Bari and Politecnico of Bari researchers.

Our mission is to perform research on advanced laser sources (mid-infrared and terahertz quantum cascade lasers, high-brightness fiber lasers) and their applications (laser sensors, laser micro-machining, laser macro-machining). We are also involved in several technology transfer activities in mechatronics and manufacturing (the most successful industrial domains in Puglia) in the framework of regional, national and european strategies.

Administrative Office CNR-IFN

Dr. Angela Loiudice

Dipartimento Interuniversitario di Fisica "Michelangelo Merlin"

via Amendola 173 - 70126 Bari

e-mail: angela.loiudice@ifn.cnr.it

tel: +39 080 5443235

fax: +39 080 5442219

Director of U.O.S. Bari

Prof. Gaetano Scamarcio

e-mail: gaetano.scamarcio@uniba.it

tel: +39 0805443234